GCM Celebrated It's 100th Anniversary on 11-11-11!

Founded in 1911

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In 1911, just as Detroit was exploding into one of the largest and most successful industrial cities in the US, The Garden Club of Michigan (GCM) was founded with fifty members from nine cities in Michigan.

Comprised of some of the most prominent and influential women in the area, their aim was to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening and to protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement.

More than just arm-chair enthusiasts, these dynamic women understood the importance and relevance of horticulture and were true environmentalists before the term had even been invented. Their legacy of conservation, education and civic beautification has always been – and still is – at the core of GCM.

Over the years GCM has been involved with many important projects and initiatives of all kinds – from Victory Gardens and canning projects to litterbug campaigns and combating Dutch Elm disease.

One of our proudest achievements came early on in 1913, when we became one of the founding members of The Garden Club of America, a nationally recognized leader in the fields of horticulture, conservation, flower arranging, civic improvement and historic preservation.

We are excited to announce that 2011 marks our 100th Anniversary. And like the original GCM founders, our current members are just as dedicated to promoting the importance of gardening and horticulture here in the Detroit area and beyond.

And while we reflect with pride over the past 100 years, we are very enthusiastic about the next 100 years of GCM and the many exciting horticultural challenges that the future will certainly bring.

For Visitors: We welcome you to our website and hope you find it to be a good resource for information on gardening, horticulture and conservation matters.

For Members: Please use this website a tool to stay informed and keep in touch with GCM activities and events.

Thank you and happy gardening!

*100th Anniversary Gala photos courtesy of Karpov the Wrecked Train (aka Kenny Corbin).

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